RENTAL = the company rent the motorcycles
RENTER = the customer

1.1 The renter agrees to use and drive the vehicle in accordance with the basic driving rules and traffic, and according to the
specifications of the type of vehicle use.
1.2 The renter agrees not to use the vehicle and / or let it be used in the following cases:
a) Paid transport of passengers.
b) To push or tow any vehicle or any other object, rolling or not.
c) To participate in competitions, official or not.
d) Drive vehicle under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.
e) Transportation of goods contrary to applicable laws or illegal purposes or laws.
f) Transport of passengers other than authorized and / or listed in the Technical Inspection Card of the Vehicle number.
g) Transport of goods by weight, quantity and / or above the authorized Sheet Technical Vehicle Inspection volume.
h) Transport of goods classified as special or hazardous by the Transport Laws in force.
i) Do not use or allow it to be used the leased vehicle as a means or instrument for the commission of crimes, punishable acts,
prohibited or simply sanctioned by law, criminals or protection assistance, transportation and shelter of objects from crime.
1.3 Only those authorized to drive the vehicle the person or persons identified and accepted by the rental in the lease and / or any
attachments the reto, and they are in possession of valid driving license and force of at least .
1.4 The renter agrees to keep the vehicle locked when not in use and to keep the documents inside it.
1.5 It is expressly forbidden for the renter assign, mortgage, pledge, sell or otherwise encumber: the vehicle, the lease, keys,
documentation, equipment, tools and / or accessories of the vehicle and / or any part or part thereof, or treat the above so as to cause
harm to the rental.
1.6 Is totaly forbidden transfer the vehicle out of the island of Mallorca. Any breach of these conditions authorize the rental to force the
renter to return the vehicle immediately, without justification or compensation.
1.7 Is not allowed riding with child up to 12 years old

1.8 Is allowed riding only on the asphat road

2.1 The renter acknowledges that he has received the vehicle in good working order and cleanliness, including two tyres, that in case of
damage (different of normal use), renter shall immediately replace, at its expense by one or other of identical characteristics and usage
status or pays its amount. Renter also be responsabkle for damage he has caused to the vehicle.
2.2 Is expressly forbidden for the Renter change any technical characteristic of the vehicle, the keys to the vehicle, the vehicle
equipment, tools and / or accessories of the vehicle and make any changes in their appearance. In case of violation of this article, the
renter shall pay the costs, duly justified, reconditioning Vehicle to its original condition and pay an amount in compensation for
immobilizing the vehicle.
2.3 The renter relieve the rental from any liability for loss or damage caused left or transported in the vehicle by the renter or any other
person or clothing of these, either during the contract period or after return Vehicle.

3.1 The rental price and the deposit is determined by the price list attached and must be paid in advance by the renter. Never the
deposit can use to extend the rental. The payment of such amounts shall be made by credit card or cash.
3.2 The rental period will be agreed in the contract, and billed based on periods of hours, counted from the moment it is formalized,
after which an aditional charge equivalent amount will be made 1 day rental company.
3.3 If the renter wants to keep the vehicle exceeding the time agreed in the contract must obtain written authorization from the rental
company, and renter must pay the corresponding amount.
3.4 The renter agrees to return the vehicle to the rental company on the date and place specified in the contract. The service is
considered finished once the vehicle and the keys have been returned to the rental.
3.5 If the renter drives with the contract expired and without authorization from the rental company, The insurance policy will
automatically be suspended.

4.1 The renter agrees to pay rental:
a) The amount resulting from the application of the price list and the price agreed in the rental contract, corresponding to duration,
insurance, optional exemptions, optional equipment and complementary services Depending on the conditions, as well as taxes and
fees applicable.
b) The amount of damage and / or theft suffered wholly or partially on vehicle. The maximum liability of the renter shall be the value of
the vehicle on the market.
In case of damage to the vehicle and its accessories and attachments, and / or subtraction there of, the corresponding charge will be
made to rental for the following items and amounts:
• Plastic: shock, friction:                                                   Subject to expertise in approved workshop.
• Glass / mirrors: chipped, scratches, lost, theft :       Subject to expertise in approved workshop.
• Lights: broken housings:                                               Subject to expertise in approved workshop.
• Tyres: puncture:                                                              Subject to expertise in approved workshop.
• Documentation and / or Keys: lost, theft:                 100.- €.
• Accessories: lost, theft, damage:                                  Subject to expertise in approved workshop
• Service Vehicle refueling combustion:                       20.- .€ plus the cost of fuel.
All the above-mentioned amounts are added to the corresponding tax or value added tax replacing it.
c) The amount of the tikets for any violation of the law and applicable, especially on the Code of Traffic and transport regulations, that
the renter did, and the corresponding charges for late payment amount the renter and judicial and other expenses that have incurred
the renter as a result of the above. The amount of days that the rental can’t freely dispose of the vehicle by reason of seizure, damage
or damage caused during the lease atiributable to the renter. All with the exception of that liability of the rental as owner and holder of
the vehicle. Add 50€ for administration fees.
4.2 Payment of the amounts referred to in paragraph 4.1 above shall be made by credit card or cash. If it is made in cash, the rental
company reserves the right to request the renter one or more credit cards as guarantee.
If payment of any of the amounts referred to above is made by a credit card or debit card, the signature of the renter in accept the
terms and conditions of the lease, constitutes permission to the rental company to charge the final total amount of contract to the
renter in the issuer of the card.
4.3 The payment is always cash (cash or card) at the time of signing the contract. It may be agreed a different form of payment, the
conditions should be reflected in writing in the contract.
4.4 In case of damage, the renter gives permission to charge them an amount of € 4,000 in advance for the damage caused to the
vehicle with the card above written.

5.1 The rental fees include coverage of compulsory motorcycle insurance with third mode, which covers maximum per victim and
sinister, the amounts established by regulation at the time of the accident.
5.2 These coverages are guaranteed and are assumed by the insurer with whom the Rental company has the corresponding insurance
5.3 By signing the rental contract, the renter must adhere to the aforementioned policy, which there is a copy at the headquarters of
the rental company.
5.4 The renter has the option to choose a VIP insurance which has a cost of 15 € / day, which covers with a franchise of 1500 € damage
suffered by the vehicle and were not covered by the policy that this had hired. Also the deposit required in this case is 1500 €.
5.5 . Exclusions compulsory motorcycle insurance .
This insurance does not cover:
– Damage caused at the driver or occupants.
– Damage caused to the insured vehicle for baggage, goods or objects transported by the vehicle.
– Corporal and material damage during the insured being stolen vehicle.
These damages are payable by the Renter.
5.6 Exclusions Supplemental Liability Insurance.
This insurance does not cover:
– Damage, loss or any other damage caused to luggage, merchandise or objects transported by the vehicle.
– The total or partial loss or damage to the vehicle theft and / or vandalism and / or traffic accident attributable to the renter or its
– Payment of tickets imposed by the competent authorities and the missing payments.
– Damages caused to persons and property of the renter, the driver, their spouses, parents or children to the third degree of
consanguinity or affinity, provided they usually live with them and at their expense.
– The Contractual Liability.
– Damage caused to the person of the vehicle driver or occupants.
– Damage caused to the insured vehicle for baggage, goods or objects transported in the vehicle.
– Corporal and material damage during the insured being stolen vehicle.
These damages are payable by the Renter.
5.7 General Exclusions.
None of the types of insurance will cover the damage to the insured vehicle as a result of:
– Wars.
– Natural disasters and natural phenomena.
– Terrorism, riot, or mutiny.
– Performances of the Forces of State Security.
– Participation in competitions.
– Driving without permission or license from circulation, or without the authorization of the rental.
– Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or narcotics.
These damages are payable by the renter.

6.1 renter agrees to report no later than 24 hours to rental of any claim and transmit any letters, summonses or notifications that
incident relate and comprehensive cooperation with the rental and the Insurance Company in the investigation immediately and
defense of any claim or process.
6.2 At the time of the accident or incident renter shall complete properly the accident report (which is supplied with all documentation)
and must deliver a signed copy by the drivers involved in the accident in any of our offices copy within not more than to 24h;
telephoning even if the circumstances so advise.
6.3 In the event of breakdown or accident the rental company assumes no responsibility for any damages that may directly or indirectly
cause the renter for that reason.

7.1 Mechanical wear by normal use of the vehicle is assumed by the rental company.
7.2 Method of maintenance.
7.2.1 Maintenance by the Renter:
Renter assumes the maintenance of the vehicle for proper operation for the duration of the contract, plus everything not included
in the warranty offered by the brand or dealer.
7.2.2 Maintenance by the rental company:
The provisions of the preceding paragraph 7.2.1 is borne by the rental company, I being included in the General Price List.
7.3 The renter is not authorized to order repairs to the Vehicle without the express permission of the rental company.

8.1 The fuel consumed by the vehicle during the rental period has to pay the renter.
8.2 The renter shall refuel the vehicle with the correct type of fuel (98 octane). Otherwise the renter shall be responsable for the costs
incurred in the relocation and / or repair of damage that could have produced on the vehicle by misfuelling.
8.3 Vehicle will be delivered to the rental company with a full tank, commiting the rental company to return the vehicle with full tank
also. Otherwise the renter will be pay for a plus like an additional charge service refueling; the amount of the fee is established in the
General Conditions Article 4.1 letter b.

9.1 Any modification of the terms and conditions of this contract shall be expressed in writing, without which it will be null and void.

10.1 renter, whatever their nationality, declares to have read all the conditions of this agreement and to resolve any doubt or
disagreement arising from the interpretation and fulfillment of the same, both parties expressly waive their own charters and are
subject to the courts of Palma de Mallorca.

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2 DAYS                     115€                                200 €                                          180 €                                       180 €
3 DAYS                     110€                                 270 €                                         240 €                                        240 €
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